Fierce and Tame


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Fierce adjective – Violently unfriendly or aggressive in disposition.
Usage example: the Vikings had a well-earned reputation for being fierce warriors

Tame is an antonym for fierce in topics: ferocious, violent.
Nearby Words: fiercely, fierceness
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Tame adjective – Changed from the wild state so as to become useful and obedient to humans.
Fierce is an antonym for tame.
Nearby Words: tamed, taming, tamer, tamely
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Similar words of tame
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Things that words describes

character fierce character tame character
example fierce example tame example
personality fierce personality tame personality
monster fierce monster tame monster

Both words in one sentence

  • Horsing Around Ward endeavours to tame the stallion, who he is convinced is only so fierce because of mistreatment.
  • Pure Is Not Good The original unicorn was said to be the purest form of nature, which made it so fierce that nobody could tame it — except an innocent virgin girl.
  • As the situation escalates and the workers keep trying to argue some of the tamer animals are fierce, he then pretends to shoot a group of the tame animals in his office.
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