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Figure noun – A character used to represent a mathematical value.
Usage example: no doubt the figures on the price tags at the jewelry store are so small because the zeroes are so many

Symbol is a synonym for figure in digit topic. In some cases you can use "Symbol" instead a noun "Figure", when it comes to topics like representative, object, representation, technology.
Nearby Words: figured, figuring, figurine, figuration, fig
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Symbol noun – A device, design, or figure used as an identifying mark.
Figure is a synonym for symbol in object topic. You can use "Figure" instead a noun "Symbol", if it concerns topics such as letter, emblem, representation, technology.
Nearby Words: symbolic, symbolized, symbolism, symbolical, symbolised
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How words are described

old old figure old symbol
good good figure good symbol
female female figure female symbol
similar similar figure similar symbol
Other adjectives: original, prominent, popular, small, powerful, real, male, large, evil, black, main, important, famous, white, new, major, religious, mysterious, strange, giant, iconic.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Grim Reaper They typically appear to humans in the guise of a black cloaked figure and the symbol of their office is their scythe.
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus It worships a messianic figure who died and (apparently) rose again, and it's symbol is the object that killed their savior (a spear instead of a cross).
  • Video Game / Legacy of Kain The presence of the horns and the shape of the wings make the figure posed to form a familiar symbol: Kain's clan emblem, seen hanging over his shoulder since Soul Reaver.
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