Fill and Meet


Fill verb - To do what is required by the terms of.
Usage example: orders received by this date will be filled in time for Christmas delivery of the merchandise

Meet is a synonym for fill in satisfy topic. In some cases you can use "Meet" instead a verb "Fill", when it comes to topics like execute, do, to put in and occupy the whole of. popular alternative

Nearby Words: filled, filling, filler


Meet verb - To do what is required by the terms of.
Usage example: a financially struggling city trying to meet its loans

Fill is a synonym for meet in satisfy topic. You can use "Fill" instead a verb "Meet", if it concerns topics such as do, fulfil. popular alternative

Nearby Word: meeting

Common collocations

quota fill quota meet quota
rest fill rest meet rest
time fill time meet time
way fill way meet way

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / StreetPass Mii Plaza It's basically Exactly What It Says on the Tin, as you fill in a calendar with the birthdays of other Miis you meet.
  • Series / Cold Case How We Got Here: The flashbacks that fill in the gap between when we first meet the victim and when they were murdered.
  • Literature / Firestarter Meet Cute : Vicky borrows a pen from Andy when they have to fill out a questionnaire for the Lot Six experiment.
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