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Finance noun – The commercial activity of providing funds and capital.
Investment is a synonym for finance in monetary affairs topic. In some cases you can use "Investment" instead a noun "Finance", when it comes to topics like economics, financial affairs, economic affairs. popular alternative
Nearby Words: financier, financing, financed, financial, financially
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Investment noun – The act of investing; laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit.
Finance is a synonym for investment in monetary affairs topic. You can use "Finance" instead a noun "Investment", if it concerns topics such as something given. popular alternative
Nearby Words: invest, invested, investing
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high high finance high investment
popular popular finance popular investment
actual actual finance actual investment
real real finance real investment
Other adjectives: private, personal, national.

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  • However, in 2008 an Abu Dhabi-based investment group took over the club, bringing in massive amounts of finance.
  • In Shadowrun, Richard Villiers set up the Trans-Latvian Enterprises investment bank to act as a shell corporation to protect his assets and he "borrowed" against his stock in Novatech to finance the corporation.
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