Firm and House


Firm noun - A commercial or industrial activity or organization.
Usage example: merged with another firm to become a major player in the brokerage business

House is a synonym for firm in company topic. In some cases you can use "House" instead a noun "Firm", when it comes to topics like business, thing, group, place. popular alternative

Nearby Words: firming, firmness, firmly, firmed


House noun - A commercial or industrial activity or organization.
Usage example: a publishing house that specializes in school textbooks

Firm is a synonym for house in thing topic. You can use "Firm" instead a noun "House", if it concerns topics such as group, company, place, corporation. popular alternative

How words are described

ordinary ordinary firm ordinary house
rival rival firm rival house
original original firm original house
small small firm small house
Other adjectives: powerful, entire, large, evil, main, new, former, titular, smaller, local, bigger, eponymous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / 101 Dalmatians: The Series This was produced by Jumbo Pictures, the firm that produced Doug and PB&J Otter.The series takes place in an odd Alternate Continuity of sorts after the movie where the Dearly Family (originally Radcliffe in the films) have moved to a farm to house their large canine family.
  • Shame If Something Happened The firm that is trying to buy the main characters' house send a man around after he refuses their offer.
  • The Law Firm of Pun, Pun, and Wordplay In one clip, a divorce lawyer breaks into a man's house to help his ex-wife retrieve belongings she claims belong to her; upon kicking in the back door, Mike Britt inquires if this lawyer is from the firm of Gangsta, Gangsta, and Gangsta.
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