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Flair noun – Distinctive and stylish elegance.
Style is a synonym for flair. In some cases you can use "Style" instead a noun "Flair". popular alternative
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Style noun – Distinctive and stylish elegance.
Flair is a synonym for style in fashionableness topic. You can use "Flair" instead a noun "Style". popular alternative
Nearby Words: stylish, styling, styled, stylized, sty
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How words are described

old old flair old style
musical musical flair musical style
distinctive distinctive flair distinctive style
typical typical flair typical style
Other adjectives: usual, certain, distinct, vocal, artistic, personal, magic, new, unique, fantastic, unusual, visual, modern, overall, anime.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / Indonesia Indonesia has attempted their own flair and style in creating their own Toku shows, but the qualities were usually questionable.
  • Waistcoat of Style He is, of course, a man of considerable style and flair.
  • The Grand Finale has a more serious one, where Fran tells Gracie she has style and flair.
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