Flaw and Mistake


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Flaw noun – Something that spoils the appearance or completeness of a thing.
Mistake is a synonym for flaw in error topic. In some cases you can use "Mistake" instead a noun "Flaw".
Nearby Words: flawed, flawless, flawlessly
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Mistake noun – A wrong judgment.
Flaw is a synonym for mistake in error topic. You can use "Flaw" instead a noun "Mistake".
Nearby Words: mistaken, mistakenly, mistaking
Synonyms for Mistake

How words are described

exact exact flaw exact mistake
similar similar flaw similar mistake
common common flaw common mistake
genuine genuine flaw genuine mistake
Other adjectives: critical, single, glaring, obvious, stupid, small, real, big, great, serious, huge, little, tiny, bad, major, minor, fatal, crucial, classic, worst, greatest, biggest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Basically every mistake he made through his entire character history has been rooted in this one flaw, from abducting Faith to stealing Angel's son.
  • Sequence Breaking Especially common in homemade games made with the Klik 'n' Play engine (which came with a racer template which exhibited this flaw) but even Nintendo has fallen for this mistake.
  • Mundane Solution When a Silent makes the mistake of taunting an FBI agent by saying that they have no need of guns, the agent demonstrates the flaw in his logic by shooting him. America!
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