Flexible and Strict


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Flexible adjective – Not bound by rigid standards.
Usage example: parents with a flexible attitude when it comes to the children's bedtime

Strict is an antonym for flexible.
Nearby Words: flexibility, flex, flexibly, flexion
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Strict adjective – Given to exacting standards of discipline and self-restraint.
Usage example: that piano teacher is notoriously strict, but students make great strides under her tutelage

Flexible is an antonym for strict in topics: severe, accurate, authoritarian.
Nearby Words: strictly, strictness
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Similar words of flexible
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Similar words of strict
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Things that words describes

sense flexible sense strict sense
man flexible man strict man
set flexible set strict set
system flexible system strict system
Other nouns: rule, code, schedule, version.

Both words in one sentence

  • Magic A Is Magic A A Magical Roommate is fairly flexible, but has some strict rules with its magic system.
  • Useful Notes / Islam Rules Are Flexible: Many rules in Islam that are seen as too strict for today have some loopholes put in to make them fit in modern society.
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