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Fly verb – Operate an airplane.
Usage example: The pilot flew to Cuba

Pilot is a synonym for fly in drive topic. In some cases you can use "Pilot" instead a verb "Fly", when it comes to topics like navigate, take to the air. popular alternative
Nearby Words: flying, flyer
Synonyms for Fly


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Pilot verb – Operate an airplane.
Fly is a synonym for pilot in activity topic. You can use "Fly" instead a verb "Pilot", if it concerns topics such as drive, navigate. popular alternative
Nearby Words: piloted, piloting, pilotage, pilothouse
Synonyms for Pilot

Common collocations

thanks fly thanks pilot thanks
plane fly plane pilot plane
machine fly machine pilot machine
craft fly craft pilot craft
Other nouns: jet, ship, airplane, shuttle, spacecraft, fighter, robot, helicopter, spaceship, aircraft, ships, fighters, planes, helicopters.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Fly Away Home However, soon it will be time to migrate south, so Thomas, an amateur pilot, builds small planes for himself and Amy so they can get the geese to fly and then be able to fly south for the winter.
  • Film / Mars Attacks! He needs a pilot to fly him to Washington D.C., and it turns out that Tom Jones knows how to fly a plane!
  • Film / Airplane! This Is no Time to Panic: As the unconscious pilot and co-pilot are dragged down the aisle, and when Elaine asks if there's anyone on board who can fly a plane.
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