Foe and Lover


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Foe noun – One that is hostile toward another.
Lover is an antonym for foe.
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Lover noun – A person with a strong and habitual liking for something.
Foe is an antonym for lover in person having sexual relationship topic.
Nearby Words: love, loving, lovely, loved, lovable
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Similar words of foe
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Similar words of lover
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How words are described

human human foe human lover
mortal mortal foe mortal lover
old old foe old lover
particular particular foe particular lover
Other adjectives: current, true, dead, real, great, evil, black, dark, former, mysterious, unseen, last, one-time, previous, longtime.

Both words in one sentence

  • Spider-Man foe Kraven the Hunter's former lover, the now deceased Calypso, was a rather memorable villain herself and a practitioner of voodoo, who clearly could use black magic, apparently having sacrificed her younger sister to gain unholy powers.
  • Theatre / Little Shop of Horrors Classical Anti-Hero: Seymour, who kills his foe, kills his father figure, kills his lover, then kills himself - all unnecessarily because Poor Communication Kills - all keeping in line with classic Greek tragedy!
  • Video Game / Gabriel Knight The Beast Within has a more convoluted example: Grace believes that Gerde and Gabriel are somehow involved, but in fact Gerde was Wolfgang's lover, while the nominally heterosexual Gabriel is in fact engaging in some very deliberate Foe Yay with Von Glower.
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