Foil and Sword


Foil noun - A piece of thin and flexible sheet metal.

Sword is a synonym for foil in fencing sword topic. In some cases you can use "Sword" instead a noun "Foil".

Nearby Words: foiled, foiling


Sword noun - A hand weapon with a length of metal sharpened on one or both sides and usually tapered to a sharp point.
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Synonyms for Sword

Foil is a synonym for sword in weapon topic. You can use "Foil" instead a noun "Sword", if it concerns topics such as fencing sword, saber.

Nearby Words: swordsman, swordsmanship

How words are described

fancy fancy foil fancy sword
good good foil good sword
nice nice foil nice sword
best best foil best sword
Other adjectives: better, original, big, great, wooden, dark, new, different, golden, shiny, pink, red.

Both words in one sentence

  • Fan Fic / Soul Eater: Troubled Souls In line with this, the Demon Grappling Hook, Thornton, has been changed to a foil, a type of fencing sword.
  • Foil Hamlet is also making a play on words, since "foil" is the term for the flexible sword-like weapons used in fencing practice.
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  • Sword Cane The sword was the equivalent of a sharpened fencing foil.
    Source: Sword Cane
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