Folks and Parents


Folks noun - People in general (often used in the plural).
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Parents and folks are semantically related in family topic. In some cases you can use "Parents" instead a noun "Folks". popular alternative


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Folks and parents are semantically related in person topic. You can use "Folks" instead a noun "Parents", if it concerns topics such as family. popular alternative

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  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood There are numerous hints his parents neglect him, but this come out the most in his relationship with his teacher and Kim's family, which is funny until you realize he feels closer to them than he does his folks.
  • Film / North Description Cut: When it became official that North will divorce his parents, a pair of parents discuss it with their son:Dad: Come on, Andy, his folks are gonna fight it!
    Source: Film / North
  • Skippy Squirrel does not appear to have any parents, and lives with his Aunt Slappy According to Slappy's creator and voice actress, Skippy's folks are on sabbatical.
    Source: Nephewism
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