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Follow verb – To come after in time.
Route is an antonym for follow.
Nearby Words: following, follower, followed
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Route verb – To point out the way for (someone) especially from a position in front.
Usage example: the guide routed us smoothly through the jungle

Follow is an antonym for route.
Nearby Words: rout, routed, routing, router
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Similar words of route
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Common collocations

plan follow plan route plan

Both words in one sentence

  • Faux to Guide Encyclopedia Dramatica's "tips" on playing Team Fortress 2 follow a similar route, explaining exactly what not to do.
    Source: Faux to Guide
  • The second route points out these issues even more while adding the futility of it all, but also gives reasons for why one would still wish to follow such a path, while the third route illustrates why one might want to give up following such a lifestyle and try to find personal happiness instead.
  • Miya Kousaka: The author has since explicitly stated that the fic will somewhat follow the UBW route.
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