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Follow verb – To take notice of and be guided by.
Usage example: don't follow his advice

See is a synonym for follow in understand topic. In some cases you can use "See" instead a verb "Follow", when it comes to topics like comprehend.
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See verb – To go along with in order to provide assistance, protection, or companionship.
Usage example: thanks for coming, and I'll see you to the door

Follow is a synonym for see in understand topic. You can use "Follow" instead a verb "See", if it concerns topics such as appreciate, comprehend.
Nearby Words: seen, seeing
Synonyms for See

Common collocations

character follow character see character
life follow life see life
man follow man see man
people follow people see people
Other nouns: someone, form, time, way, example, characters, story, ending, father.

Both words in one sentence

  • That's because they both use the Hydralisk's pathfinding subroutine, but are physically larger units, will engage and follow enemies as if they are air units, even thought they cant fly, and don't automatically disengage enemy units that they can no longer follow or see.
  • Some don't mind it much and feel that it encourages them to discover new friends, but others argue that if they really want to see conversations involving people they don't follow, they'll just view the replying user's timeline instead.
  • Stealth in Space Anakin was unable to see it at all in the hangar from a distance of 10 feet or so, while the villain was able to fire torpedoes at it by having them follow the magnetic signature.
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