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Follower noun – One who follows the opinions or teachings of another.
Usage example: the followers of Gandhi have spread his philosophy of nonviolence all over the world

Henchman is a synonym for follower in attendant topic. In some cases you can use "Henchman" instead a noun "Follower", when it comes to topics like supporter, faithful follower, over, acolyte. popular alternative
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Henchman noun – Someone who assists in a plot.
Follower is a synonym for henchman in attendant topic. You can use "Follower" instead a noun "Henchman", if it concerns topics such as faithful follower, over. popular alternative
Synonyms for Henchman

How words are described

good good follower good henchman
female female follower female henchman
devoted devoted follower devoted henchman
loyal loyal follower loyal henchman
Other adjectives: faithful, strong, powerful, big, treacherous, main, new, major, reluctant, former, hapless, mere, last, favorite, dimwitted, strongest.

Both words in one sentence

  • The follower or henchman with Undying Loyalty to their master/leader, despite said leader's incompetence, immorality or even cruelty.
  • Evil Minions The protagonist Thistle the gnome is a devout follower and, later, paladin of Grumble who spent a good deal of his past as a minion or henchman to some ne'er do well or another.
    Source: Evil Minions
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