Fondness and Loathing


Fondness noun - A feeling of strong or constant regard for and dedication to someone.
Usage example: my fondness for you will never fail

Loathing is an antonym for fondness in topics: devotion, liking or taste for.

Nearby Words: fond, fondly


Loathing noun - A dislike so strong as to cause stomach upset or queasiness.
Usage example: the sight of his mortal enemy getting that undeserved promotion filled him with loathing

Fondness is an antonym for loathing.

Nearby Words: loath, loathed

How words are described

special special fondness special loathing
particular particular fondness particular loathing
stated stated fondness stated loathing
sheer sheer fondness sheer loathing
Other adjectives: deep, obvious, strong, extreme, intense, infamous, personal, general, mutual, abiding, pathological, vocalized.

Both words in one sentence

  • Drink Order Thompson was noted for his fondness for both rum and Wild Turkey 101, a fondness shared by his alter ego Raoul Duke (as anyone who's read or seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas can attest).
    Source: Drink Order
  • Psycho Electric Eel Kingdom of Loathing, with its inordinate fondness of puns, has an acoustic/electric eel as one of the monsters you can encounter in The Sea.
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