Fondness and Predilection


Fondness noun - A feeling of strong or constant regard for and dedication to someone.

Predilection is a synonym for fondness in liking topic. In some cases you can use "Predilection" instead a noun "Fondness", when it comes to topics like love, opinion, inclination, taste. popular alternative

Nearby Words: fond, fondly


Predilection noun - A habitual attraction to some activity or thing.
Usage example: a young lad with a predilection for telling tall tales

Fondness is a synonym for predilection in liking topic. You can use "Fondness" instead a noun "Predilection", if it concerns topics such as inclination, love, opinion, taste. popular alternative

How words are described

notable notable fondness notable predilection
special special fondness special predilection
particular particular fondness particular predilection
similar similar fondness similar predilection
Other adjectives: specific, infamous, general, apparent, strange, bizarre.
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