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Forage verb – To feed on grass or herbs.
Plunder is a synonym for forage in action topic. In some cases you can use "Plunder" instead a verb "Forage", when it comes to topics like search, despoil, search madly for.
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Plunder verb – To search through with the intent of committing robbery.
Forage is a synonym for plunder in action topic. You can use "Forage" instead a verb "Plunder", if it concerns topics such as ravage, despoil, depredate. rare substitute
Nearby Words: plundered, plundering, plunderer
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  • Useful Notes / The American Civil War It made at least a modicum of sense, but Sherman defied the convention of the ‘base’ by just waltzing into Atlanta anyway, deciding he didn’t need a supply line as long as his army could forage and plunder from the undefended city and surrounded countryside.
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