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Foreign adjective – Not being a vital part of or belonging to something.
Usage example: pediatricians often have to remove peas or other foreign bodies from inside the ears of curious toddlers

Internal is an antonym for foreign in domestic topic.
Nearby Word: foreigner
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Internal adjective – Situated farther in.
Foreign is an antonym for internal.
Nearby Words: interned, interior, intern, internalize, internalise
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Things that words describes

power foreign power internal power
parts foreign parts internal parts
world foreign world internal world
version foreign version internal version
Other nouns: wars.

Both words in one sentence

  • Visual Novel / Long Live the Queen While at first glance it may be because you've spurned him, having good internal and foreign affair levels will reveal that he's actually Adair's next of kin, and therefore the very strategically important Duchy of Elath will pass to him if Adair dies.
  • Generation Xerox Emperor Peter III of Russia was a staunch Prussophile militarist, had a personality which oscillated between Cloud Cuckoolander and Ax-Crazy, hated his wife Catherine the Great, and led an erratic and inconsistent internal and foreign policy.
  • Webcomic / TwoKinds There was an internal slave market, which foreign slavers ended up feeding off of and encouraging.
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