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Foreign adjective – Being, relating to, or characteristic of a country other than one's own.
Regular is an antonym for foreign in topics: experience, irrelevant.
Nearby Word: foreigner
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Regular adjective – Appearing or occurring repeatedly from time to time.
Foreign is an antonym for regular.
Nearby Words: regularised, regularly, regularize, regularise, regularity
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Similar words of regular
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Things that words describes

girl foreign girl regular girl
character foreign character regular character
people foreign people regular people
army foreign army regular army
Other nouns: characters, world, actors, players, enemies, soldiers, versions.

Both words in one sentence

  • Numerous foreign "mercenaries" (in many cases, regular officers offered by foreign nations who decided that the survival of Qing government was preferable to chaos) were hired to lead Chinese armies, both of the national government and locally organized militias.
  • If you're lucky, it's somebody appropriate and even chosen by the full-time host (or, in some cases, a previous regular host or the presenter of a foreign iteration of the show).
    Source: Guest Host
  • With its regular armies (based on the Banner system) in a state of near total disarray, the Chinese government (especially enterprising local officials) formed militias from local populations, armed them with foreign guns, and hired foreign instructors to train them.
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