Forget and Learn


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Forget verb – To be unable to recall or think of.
Learn is an antonym for forget in topics: remember, leave behind, not be able to remember.
Nearby Words: forgetful, forgetting, forgetfully
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Learn verb – To acquire complete knowledge, understanding, or skill in.
Usage example: after months of trying, he finally learned the dance steps

Forget is an antonym for learn.
Nearby Words: learned, learning, learner, learnedly, learnt
Antonyms for Learn
Similar words of forget
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Similar words of learn
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Common collocations

ability forget ability learn ability
lesson forget lesson learn lesson
name forget name learn name
time forget time learn time
Other nouns: way, identity, story, words, details, song, names, lines, skills.

Both words in one sentence

  • He can forget things, has to study for college exams, doesn't automatically learn foreign languages (e.g., he's never bothered to learn Japanese), etc.
  • Series / Wilbur If the character doesn't miss the point, then they either forget it or another character shows up that needs to learn the same lesson, which leads to the re-reading instead.
  • Comic Book / The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck When the claim-jumpers learn that Scrooge arrived on a shipment of food, the starving men instantly forget about the duck.
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