Fortunately and Happily


Fortunately adverb - By good fortune.
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Synonyms for Fortunately

Happily is a synonym for fortunately in luckily topic. In some cases you can use "Happily" instead an adverb "Fortunately", when it comes to topics like efficiently, gratefully, thankfully. popular alternative

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Happily adverb - In a cheerful or happy manner.

Fortunately is a synonym for happily in efficiently topic. You can use "Fortunately" instead an adverb "Happily", if it concerns topics such as luckily, gratefully, thankfully, successfully. popular alternative

Nearby Words: happy, happiness

Both words in one sentence

  • Monster Mash Fortunately it turned out that the movies instead made them popular, and they happily accepted jobs as actors in more monster movies.
    Source: Monster Mash
  • Video Game / Pokemon Rejuvenation Fortunately, two of the scenarios (The Magma Stone and the Dimensional Rift Garbodor) can end more happily, but you have to take additional steps first.
  • Fortunately, that book ends happily when General Colonel Alekseyev refuses to help unleash Mnogo Nukes after the Red Army fails to make progress.
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