Fraction and System


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Fraction noun – A broken or irregular part of something that often remains incomplete.
System is an antonym for fraction.
Nearby Words: fractious, fractional, fractionally, fractionate, fractionated
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System noun – Something made up of many interdependent or related parts.
Fraction is an antonym for system in order topic.
Nearby Words: systematic, systemic
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Similar words of system
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How words are described

human human fraction human system
good good fraction good system
special special fraction special system
similar similar fraction similar system
Other adjectives: current, single, corrupt.

Both words in one sentence

  • Colony Drop In the Chanur Novels a ship coming into a system out of Hyperspace is travelling at a very high fraction of the speed of light.
    Source: Colony Drop
  • The explosion is strong enough to throw the whole Moon out of the solar system, at a sizeable fraction of light speed.
  • Colony Drop: A ship coming into a system out of hyperspace is travelling at a very high fraction of the speed of light.
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