Fragile and Slight


Fragile adjective - Easily broken.
Usage example: attaching the beautiful but fragile ornaments to the Christmas tree is always a touchy operation

Slight is a synonym for fragile in breakable topic. In some cases you can use "Slight" instead the word "Fragile" as an adjective or a noun. popular alternative

Nearby Word: fragility


Slight adjective - Lacking bodily strength.
Usage example: a small lad with a slight build

Fragile is a synonym for slight in flimsy topic. You can use "Fragile" instead an adjective "Slight", if it concerns topics such as thin, slim. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • They simply let him out of his protective enclosure and he is freed, but he's too fragile to live in the world from sheer age, so he disintegrates from a slight breeze.
    Source: God Is Dead
  • Video Game / Forza Fragile Speedster: Small cars like the Lotus Elan and Mazda Miata offer extremely good handling, but they're tiny and slight nudges can cause them to spin out.
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