Fragile and Sturdy


Fragile adjective - Easily broken.
Usage example: attaching the beautiful but fragile ornaments to the Christmas tree is always a touchy operation

Sturdy is an antonym for fragile in topics: fine, durable.

Nearby Word: fragility


Sturdy adjective - Able to withstand hardship, strain, or exposure.
Usage example: it took a sturdy person to endure the life of a pioneer

Fragile is an antonym for sturdy.

Nearby Word: sturdily

Both words in one sentence

  • Racing cars in general are extremely delicate and fragile - even sturdy looking NASCAR stock cars' bodywork can be shredded by a blown out tire - except when it comes to the driver's safety zone.
  • Soviet Superscience The Allied tech is more advanced, but far more fragile, while the Soviet technology seems to be crazier, but also far more simple and sturdy.
  • Typically a Fragile Speedster, they're usually not sturdy enough to stand up against a direct assault on their own, but are nonetheless valuable for weakening and disrupting the enemy.
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