Frail and Strong


Frail adjective - Easily broken.
Usage example: a frail eggshell

Strong is an antonym for frail in topics: feeble, breakable.

Nearby Words: frailty, frailness


Strong adjective - Having muscles capable of exerting great physical force.
Usage example: I need some strong people to help me move furniture

Frail is an antonym for strong.

Nearby Word: strongly

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / The Saga of Hrolf Kraki Does Not Know His Own Strength: When the superhumanly strong Elk-Frodi is called out for maiming or killing other kids, he argues that it's not his fault that they are so frail.
  • Light Novel / Toradora! Waif-Fu: Despite her frail, doll-like appearance, Taiga manages to put up quite a fight against strong adversaries.
  • World of Muscle Men It may even make all females look thin and frail while still being as strong as the men.
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