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Free verb – To set (a person or thing) free of something that encumbers.
Usage example: a phone call would free your parents from worry

Relieve is a synonym for free in activity topic. In some cases you can use "Relieve" instead a verb "Free", when it comes to topics like clear, discharge, liberate, take burden from. popular alternative
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Relieve verb – To set (a person or thing) free of something that encumbers.
Usage example: the bellhop relieved him of his luggage and led him to the elevator

Free is a synonym for relieve in action topic. You can use "Free" instead a verb "Relieve", if it concerns topics such as discharge, let up on, remove blame. popular alternative
Nearby Words: relief, relieving
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Common collocations

monster free monster relieve monster
luna free luna relieve luna
monsters free monsters relieve monsters

Both words in one sentence

  • Is That What They're Calling It Now? Since an earlier scene mentioned taking "a late-night-behind-the-bushes-to-relieve-yourself-for-free kind of walk," she assumes that's what he really meant and admonishes him.
  • Film / The Rundown Rule of Funny: Theoretically, during the scene in which Travis convinces Beck to stop and let Travis relieve himself, Beck could have handcuffed Travis and himself together, allowing Travis one free hand to handle his business, while simultaneously preventing escape.
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