Freedom and Restriction


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Freedom noun – The state of being free from the control or power of another.
Restriction is an antonym for freedom in topics: licence, independence, political independence, easy attitude.
Nearby Word: freely
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Restriction noun – Something that limits one's freedom of action or choice.
Usage example: the logging company decided to relocate to another state where there would be fewer restrictions on its operations

Freedom is an antonym for restriction in limit topic.
Nearby Words: restrict, restraint, restricted, restrictive, restricting
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Similar words of freedom
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Similar words of restriction
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How words are described

certain certain freedom certain restriction
total total freedom total restriction
real real freedom real restriction
little little freedom little restriction
Other adjectives: social, new, religious, political, final, temporary, limited, additional.

Both words in one sentence

  • Every individual is afforded a degree of personal space and freedom, and infringement or restriction of others' freedom is one of the few things truly seen in a judgmental light.
  • He sides with the homunculi because they give him freedom to practice his alchemy without restriction, but claims to be primarily interested in who'll win the conflict between them and humans.
  • More common is support for both freedom of religion and strict separation of church and state: protection for religion where it exists, but restriction of its support to that of its adherents.
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