Frivolous and Shallow


Frivolous adjective - Lacking in seriousness or maturity.
Usage example: when asked by the waiter if we wanted anything else that evening, we made a frivolous request for free drinks

Shallow is a synonym for frivolous in trivial topic. In some cases you can use "Shallow" instead an adjective "Frivolous", when it comes to topics like flippant, trite, giddy. popular alternative

Nearby Words: frivolity, frivolously


Shallow adjective - Lacking significant physical depth.

Frivolous is a synonym for shallow in superficial topic. You can use "Frivolous" instead an adjective "Shallow", if it concerns topics such as unintelligent, trite. popular alternative

Nearby Words: shallowed, shallowing

Both words in one sentence

  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks Many "old-school" fans consider the movie lovers shallow and frivolous, especially if said movie lovers were subsequently turned on to the books by the movies.
  • Series / Gilmore Girls Let me be frivolous and shallow, will you, please?
  • Literature / The Diviners (2012) She's the consummate flapper, and initially comes across as shallow, selfish, self-absorbed, frivolous, and (arguably) unlikable.
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