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Funny adjective – Causing or intended to cause laughter.
Usage example: a very funny movie that had audiences rolling in the aisles

Ludicrous is a synonym for funny in amusing topic. In some cases you can use "Ludicrous" instead an adjective "Funny", when it comes to topics like humorous, silly, comical, laughter. popular alternative
Nearby Words: funning, funnily
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Ludicrous adjective – Causing or intended to cause laughter.
Usage example: the ludicrous sight of their teacher in a Halloween costume

Funny is a synonym for ludicrous in amusing topic. You can use "Funny" instead the word "Ludicrous" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as absurd, ridiculous, laughter. popular alternative
Nearby Word: ludicrously
Synonyms for Ludicrous

Things that words describes

idea funny idea ludicrous idea
name funny name ludicrous name
series funny series ludicrous series
episode funny episode ludicrous episode
Other nouns: case, way, example, story, accent, results, version, variant, ways, stories, scenes, situations.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / BoJack Horseman When it happens, expect people to either react nonchalant about it or appearing in such a ludicrous and over the top way that it ends coming across as funny.
  • Literature / Noka Mood Whiplash: Chapters aren't exempt from ping-ponging between ludicrous stupid-but-funny scenes, and serious situations where silence permeates the background.
  • BrainDead is a textbook example of this, since the amount of gore and horror is so ludicrous mixed with dumb humor that it's pretty damn funny.
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