Furious and Insane


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Furious adjective – Marked by great and often stressful excitement or activity.
Usage example: everyone worked at a furious pace in order to get the float ready for the parade

Insane is a synonym for furious in demoniac topic. In some cases you can use "Insane" instead an adjective "Furious", when it comes to topics like very mad.
Nearby Words: fury, furiously
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Insane adjective – Having or showing a very abnormal or sick state of mind.
Furious is a synonym for insane in frenzied topic. Sometimes you can use "Furious" instead an adjective "Insane", if it concerns topics such as demoniac.
Nearby Words: insanity, insanely
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Things that words describes

rage furious rage insane rage
power furious power insane power
man furious man insane man
rate furious rate insane rate
Other nouns: mother, father, clone.

Both words in one sentence

  • Even as they're being arrested by Nurse Joy, they give off furious and half-insane screams.
  • Mad God The newborn "Devil" Homura Akemi gets furious debates within the Puella Magi Madoka Magica fandom whether she is evil or not, but one thing no one can deny is that she's totally insane.
    Source: Mad God
  • Literature / Caleb Williams Manly Tyrrel is furious at being unseated by “this Frenchified rascal.” Slave to PR: Falkland is well aware that his attempts to preserve his own good name, even at the cost of his own or Caleb’s life, is completely insane.
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