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Gall noun – A deep-seated ill will.
Irritation is a synonym for gall. In some cases you can use "Irritation" instead a noun "Gall".
Nearby Words: galling, galled, Gallic
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Irritation noun – The feeling of impatience or anger caused by another's repeated disagreeable acts.
Usage example: Dad's general irritation at the incessant complaining coming from the back seat of the car

Gall is a synonym for irritation in annoyance topic. Sometimes you can use "Gall" instead a noun "Irritation", if it concerns topics such as nuisance.
Nearby Words: irritate, irritable, irritated, irritating, irritability
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sheer sheer gall sheer irritation

Both words in one sentence

  • Rollin, impersonating Miklos, not only corrected Simpson's false statements but then feigned irritation that Simpson, who was being investigated, had the gall to test Miklos.
  • A Glass in the Hand Family Matters: A teacher frequently does this with a juice box, a milk carton, and an orange, thus revealing her increasing irritation with Steve Urkel, who keeps interrupting her, then has the unmitigated gall to chastise HER for interrupting him.
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