Gather and Lose


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Gather verb – To gradually increase in.
Usage example: the movement gathered force as election day neared

Lose is an antonym for gather in topics: infer, come or bring together.
Nearby Words: gathering, gathered, gatherer
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Lose verb – To be unable to find or have at hand.
Gather is an antonym for lose in mislay topic.
Nearby Words: loser, losing
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Similar words of lose
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Common collocations

faith gather faith lose faith
power gather power lose power
amount gather amount lose amount
number gather number lose number
Other nouns: money, items, points, friends, weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Burn After Reading Shoot the Shaggy Dog: Both Chad and Ted lose their lives in vain attempts to gather information at Osborne's house.
  • Timed Mission Also, strangely enough the items aren't too far off the beaten path, you only lose about a minute to gather them up.
    Source: Timed Mission
  • Unlike the former, their ego tends to be big enough to gather a solar system and they will drop the nonchalant act if an opponent starts beating them, possibly even get a breakdown if they lose.
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