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Gathering noun – A body of people come together in one place.
Party is a synonym for gathering in assemblage topic. In some cases you can use "Party" instead a noun "Gathering", when it comes to topics like assembly, collection, people, group.
Nearby Words: gather, gathered, gatherer
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Party noun – A usually small number of persons considered as a unit.
Usage example: for parties of more than six people the restaurant automatically adds a 15% service charge to the bill

Gathering is a synonym for party in group topic. You can use "Gathering" instead a noun "Party", if it concerns topics such as collection, society, gang, social gathering.
Nearby Words: partying, parti
Synonyms for Party

How words are described

complete complete gathering complete party
formal formal gathering formal party
single single gathering single party
small small gathering small party
Other adjectives: actual, entire, large, big, huge, little, private, major, political, next, last, impromptu, giant, previous, annual, upcoming, biggest, largest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Nasty Party A person or group of people are invited to a social gathering — a party, banquet, or any other form of get-together.
    Source: Nasty Party
  • Promos for comedian George Lopez's new series consist of hordes of people gathering when they hear he's having a party.
  • Party Scheduling Gambit That Halloween Sabrina was actually going to the lamer party - a family gathering.
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