Generally and In general


Generally adverb - Without distinction of one from others.

In general is a synonym for generally in normally topic. In some cases you can use "In general" instead an adverb "Generally". popular alternative

In general

In general adverb - Without distinction of one from others.
Usage example: he is interested in snakes in general

Generally is a synonym for in general in as a whole topic. You can use "Generally" instead an adverb phrase "In general", if it concerns topics such as usually, for the most part. popular alternative

Both terms in one sentence

  • RT is generally roused by insulting remarks about Earth in general, but particularly America.
  • Franchise / Halo Dark Messiah: Covenant Prophets in general, particularly the Prophet of Truth (a blackmailer and generally ne'er-do-good).
  • Visual Novel / Shiny Days They're less selfish and aggressive than the other girls, generally because they're kinder and more emotional in general, so they take it particularly hard.
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