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Genius noun – A very smart person.
Ingenuity is a synonym for genius in gift of high intellect topic. In some cases you can use "Ingenuity" instead a noun "Genius".
Nearby Words: genial, geniality, genie
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Ingenuity noun – The skill and imagination to create new things.
Usage example: the mystery writer's exceptional ingenuity enabled her to devise plots that always had readers guessing to the very end

Genius is a synonym for ingenuity in cleverness topic. You can use "Genius" instead a noun "Ingenuity", if it concerns topics such as inventiveness, originality.
Nearby Words: ingenious, ingenuous, ingenuously, ingenuousness, ingenue
Synonyms for Ingenuity

How words are described

human human genius human ingenuity
old old genius old ingenuity
good good genius good ingenuity
certain certain genius certain ingenuity
Other adjectives: sheer, great, mechanical, military, technical, technological, sadistic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / The Tomorrow People (1973) Teen Genius: Mainly John, although Stephen did display bouts of ingenuity when he wasn't going after all the food.
  • Western Animation / The Godzilla Power Hour Genius Bruiser: There are times when Godzilla himself employs ingenuity, without instruction, and figures out the most practical way to deal with a problem, such as averting a nuclear reactor meltdown.
  • Series / Masada There the engineering genius of the Romans must fight both the harsh climate and landscape, and the passion and ingenuity of leader Eleazar ben Ya'ir and his people.This miniseries provides examples of: Ambiguously Gay: Falco and his effeminate secretary Albinus.
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