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Genius noun – A very smart person.
Inspiration is a synonym for genius in good topic. In some cases you can use "Inspiration" instead a noun "Genius", when it comes to topics like gift of high intellect. popular alternative
Nearby Words: genial, geniality, genie
Synonyms for Genius


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Inspiration noun – Arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity.
Genius is a synonym for inspiration in good topic. You can use "Genius" instead a noun "Inspiration", if it concerns topics such as idea, imagination, artistry. popular alternative
Nearby Words: inspire, inspired, inspiring, inspirational, inspirator
Synonyms for Inspiration

How words are described

good good genius good inspiration
musical musical genius musical inspiration
best best genius best inspiration
true true genius true inspiration
Other adjectives: single, big, great, artistic, creative, greatest, comic, acknowledged, literary.

Both words in one sentence

  • Syd Barrett, the mad genius behind Pink Floyd's early years as a band and inspiration for their later work, after he went completely nuts and couldn't be with the band anymore.
  • Japan. Shigeru is a Harvard graduate majoring in food science, whereas Kazuma is the Genius Ditz, who works mainly by intuition and random inspiration.
  • Music / Brian Wilson Affectionate Parody: Brian is pretty much the go-to inspiration for "ambitious artistic genius uses strange methods to produce his masterpiece" parodies, mercilessly poked fun at in Walk Hard.
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