Gentle and Rude


Gentle adjective - Not harsh or stern especially in nature or effect.
Usage example: her gentle ways

Rude is an antonym for gentle in of noble birth topic.


Rude adjective - Hastily or roughly constructed.

Gentle is an antonym for rude in topics: disrespectful, sudden.

Nearby Words: rudeness, rudely

Both words in one sentence

  • She's abrasive and angry and rude, but that doesn't keep her from being the most gentle, doting older sister figure to Cam, and being quite gentle with Luke as well.
  • Insult Backfire Taxi Normally gentle, an aggravated Latka Gravas makes a rude foreign gesture to Louie dePalma.
  • Pitbull Dates Puppy He's a rude, crude brawler with a bunch of demons fused to his soul, and she's a sweet, gentle White Magician Girl exorcist.
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