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Gentleman noun – An adult male human being.
Usage example: ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats

Male is a synonym for gentleman in person topic. In some cases you can use "Male" instead a noun "Gentleman". popular alternative
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Male noun – An adult male human being.
Usage example: research shows that more males than females are responding positively to the new ad campaign

Gentleman is a synonym for male in person topic. You can use "Gentleman" instead a noun "Male", if it concerns topics such as man. popular alternative
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  • Hair Contrast Duo England, a blond snarky tsundere wannabe-gentleman, and Japan, a male equivalent of a Yamato Nadeshiko.
  • Let's Wait a While How much of his motives were being a gentleman and how much was due to concern over the violent psychotic breaks male genitals caused her is up in the air.
  • If I'm male, I will be a perfect gentleman to the heroine, but will have no romantic interest in her.
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