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Gentlewoman noun – A woman of refinement.
Woman is a synonym for gentlewoman. In some cases you can use "Woman" instead a noun "Gentlewoman". popular alternative
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Woman noun – An adult female human being.
Usage example: the first woman to become governor of the state

Gentlewoman is a synonym for woman in person topic. You can use "Gentlewoman" instead a noun "Woman", if it concerns topics such as female human. archaic substitute
Nearby Words: womanhood, womanly, womanish, womanliness
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  • The Fair Folk In Whuppity Stoorie, the "green gentlewoman" saves a woman's pig but demands her son in payment.
    Source: The Fair Folk
  • In Whuppity Stoorie, the woman says she will give the green gentlewoman anything she wants in return for saving her pig.
  • Likewise in Whuppity Stoorie, where the green gentlewoman explicitly says it's their law that she can't take the child if the woman knows her name.
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