Genuine and Insincere


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Genuine adjective – Free from any intent to deceive or impress others.
Usage example: genuine compliments about her boss's flair for fashion

Insincere is an antonym for genuine in topics: sincere, heartfelt, authentic, unaffected.
Nearby Words: genuinely, genuineness
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Insincere adjective – Not being or expressing what one appears to be or express.
Usage example: the insincere compliments of a spiteful gossip

Genuine is an antonym for insincere in topics: deceitful, dishonest.
Nearby Words: insincerity, insincerely
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Similar words of insincere
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Things that words describes

attempt genuine attempt insincere attempt
turn genuine turn insincere turn
smile genuine smile insincere smile
attempts genuine attempts insincere attempts

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Star Trek Into Darkness Whereas Pike was genuine and affectionate, Admiral Marcus was more insincere and mocking.
  • A pothole to make it clear that a statement is honest and genuine, although it's in a context that could have it easily mistaken for an insincere comment or joke.
  • Stop Being Stereotypical Emphasis on the occasionally, and it should be mentioned that they're not so much bothered by extreme snobbishness as much as stereotypically insincere snobbishness: They have a genuine passion for all things high-cultured, intellectual, and ultra-refined and are disgusted by people who fake it.
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