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Genuine adjective – Free from any intent to deceive or impress others.
Usage example: genuine compliments about her boss's flair for fashion

Open is a synonym for genuine in frank topic. In some cases you can use "Open" instead an adjective "Genuine", when it comes to topics like candid, unaffected, sincere.
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Open adjective – Allowing passage without obstruction.
Genuine is a synonym for open in straightforward topic. Sometimes you can use "Genuine" instead an adjective "Open".
Nearby Words: opening, openness, opened, opener
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  • Film / The Hole Even Evil Has Standards: Liz shows genuine remorse for Frankie's death and actually was planning to open the bunker the night she died.
  • Eyes Always Shut Further supporting this, it's only the smile he makes with his eyes open that is genuine.
  • Threesome Subtext In the last panel of this page, Tarvek's expression and dialog point to some genuine feelings towards Gil, though whether this is friendship or something deeper is still open for interpretation.
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