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Gigantic adjective – So exceedingly large or extensive as to suggest a giant or mammoth.
Usage example: gigantic disappointment

Large is a synonym for gigantic in size topic. In some cases you can use "Large" instead an adjective "Gigantic", when it comes to topics like big, huge. popular alternative
Nearby Word: gigantically
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Large adjective – Of a size greater than average of its kind.
Usage example: he was hungry, so he ordered the large pizza

Gigantic is a synonym for large in big topic. You can use "Gigantic" instead an adjective "Large", if it concerns topics such as size, massive. popular alternative
Nearby Words: largely, largeness, largish
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Things that words describes

man gigantic man large man
woman gigantic woman large woman
creature gigantic creature large creature
amount gigantic amount large amount
Other nouns: pile, army, size, head, hole, monster, tree, explosion, fish, bird, ship, knife, gun, eyes, wings, breasts, weapons, creatures, monsters.

Both words in one sentence

  • Planet Spaceship There's big spaceships, there's gigantic spaceships, and then there's these: a space ship (or station) that's as big as a small planet or large moon.
  • Video Game / Thrill Kill Franklin Peppermint / Mammoth: A gigantic, feral simian creature who was previously a human postal worker from Covington, Indiana, nicknamed "Mammoth" due to his large size.
  • Treasure Is Bigger in Fiction However, gathering a large number (probably around 10-20 or so) into your inventory then dropping the whole lot of them all at once sometimes resulted in one gigantic gem the size of a dagger.
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