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Laughter is a synonym for giggling in giggle topic. In some cases you can use "Laughter" instead a noun "Giggling".
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Laughter noun – An explosive sound that is a sign of amusement.
Giggling is a synonym for laughter in amusement topic. You can use "Giggling" instead a noun "Laughter", if it concerns topics such as laughing, giggle, chuckling. popular alternative
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  • Angrish: A variant where he throws in a lot of giggling and laughter.
  • In Wakfu, after Qilby the Traitor reveals himself as the Big Bad of season two he becomes very prone to fits of giggling, Slasher Smiles, and mad laughter.
  • Evil Laugh Then, the hyenas close in on Scar, all giggling murderously, and his desperate begging (and later screams) is eventually drowned out by the sound of their laughter.
    Source: Evil Laugh
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