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Girl noun – A young unmarried woman.
Male is an antonym for girl.
Nearby Words: girlish, girlhood, girlie
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Male noun – An adult male human being.
Girl is an antonym for male in man topic.
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How words are described

human human girl human male
old old girl old male
rich rich girl rich male
normal normal girl normal male
Other adjectives: typical, average, single, popular, small, black, main, young, attractive, beautiful, cute, white, hot, naked, former, last, different, older, teenage, teenaged, younger.

Both words in one sentence

  • Spaceship Girl Most of these are actually male, probably to instill respect in a male-heavy military environment, but the Athens had Athena, a blue-skinned, red haired human girl.
  • Literal Genie In the manga, Megumi actually was a girl all along; the genie didn't mishear the wish, but wasn't powerful enough to make her male, so changed her memories so she thought she was male instead.
    Source: Literal Genie
  • Distressed Dude Discussed in The Nostalgia Chick's review of Supergirl: it was an incoherent mess that eventually turned into a Love Triangle over a pathetic schlub, but the one thing that the Chick liked was that the Action Girl/male "damsel" aspect was Played Straight rather than For Laughs.
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