Girl and Mush


Girl noun - A young unmarried woman.
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Synonyms for Girl

Mush is an antonym for girl in topics: boy, male.

Nearby Words: girlish, girlhood, girlie


Mush noun - Something (as a work of literature or music) that is too sentimental.
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Synonyms for Mush

Girl is an antonym for mush.

Nearby Words: mushy, mushroom, mushed, mushing

How words are described

sweet sweet girl sweet mush
huge huge girl huge mush
ugly ugly girl ugly mush
spoiled spoiled girl spoiled mush
Other adjectives: black, titular, weird.

Both words in one sentence

  • Human Pet In the children's book Mush: A Dog From Space, it's revealed that Mush has a human pet girl.
    Source: Human Pet
  • Servo, Servo, Servo and Girl-Servo: Oh, I love to mush me buckles in me missus' pigeon pie...
    Source: Bawdy Song
  • Characters / X-Force Cute Monster Girl Deadpan Snarker Embarrassing First Name: Moonbeam From a Single Cell: In her first appearance, she gets reduced to a pile of smoking mush on the floor by an energy blast, but totally regenerates a few minutes later.
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