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Give verb – To put (something) into the possession or safekeeping of another.
Usage example: gave my camera to my father to hold while I went swimming

Pass is a synonym for give in move topic. In some cases you can use "Pass" instead a verb "Give", when it comes to topics like provide, transfer, hand over. popular alternative
Nearby Words: giving, given, giver
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Pass verb – To shift possession of (something) from one person to another.
Usage example: could you please pass me the phone?

Give is a synonym for pass in move topic. You can use "Give" instead a verb "Pass", if it concerns topics such as provide, transfer, hand, hand over. popular alternative
Nearby Words: passage, passed, passing, passable
Synonyms for Pass

How words are described

nice nice give nice pass
long long give long pass
similar similar give similar pass
short short give short pass
Other adjectives: right, initial, correct, simple, huge, little, major, guaranteed.

Common collocations

character give character pass character
power give power pass power
number give number pass number
item give item pass item
Other nouns: time, way, information, message, items, points, powers.

Both words in one sentence

  • Eventually, Solomon realized Arthur was about to pass out from fatigue, and forfeited the game in order to give it to him, even though he could have won on his next move.
    Source: Cold Equation
  • At least giving the item to the guy will make him happy enough to let you pass, or maybe give you that useless puzzle item you need to give to the king of some other country...
  • In the first season they seem to have the lesson "don't play as a solo, even if you feel you can score right now, pass to someone else to give them a change".
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