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Give verb – To put before another for acceptance or consideration.
Usage example: she gave the committee her grant proposal

Reject is an antonym for give in contribute topic.
Nearby Words: giving, given, giver
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Reject verb – To be unwilling to grant.
Usage example: rejected his request for time off

Give is an antonym for reject.
Nearby Words: rejected, rejection, rejecting, rejector, rejecter
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Similar words of reject
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How words are described

human human give human reject
short short give short reject
right right give right reject
true true give true reject
Other adjectives: social.

Common collocations

power give power reject power
life give life reject life
idea give idea reject idea
name give name reject name
Other nouns: control, chance, time, food, gift, advice, message, names, gifts, powers.

Both words in one sentence

  • It Runs on Nonsensoleum It's later explained that espers are basically Reality Warpers that unconsciously reject just enough of reality to give them superpowers, so their powers don't even have to make sense.
  • In Runaways, this is why the Gibborim reject Chase when he offers to give up his soul to them in exchange for Gertrude's revival.
  • Manga / Strawberry 100% He give up definitively when Aya reject him after tried to kiss her.
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