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Give verb – To make a present of.
Usage example: math tutors generously give their time to help students after school

Retain is an antonym for give in topics: contribute, communicate.
Nearby Words: giving, given, giver
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Retain verb – To continue to have in one's possession or power.
Usage example: I plan to retain the family heirlooms until my own children are mature enough to appreciate them, and then I will lovingly pass them on

Give is an antonym for retain in hire topic.
Nearby Words: retainer, retaining
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Common collocations

experience give experience retain experience
sense give sense retain sense
ability give ability retain ability
power give power retain power
Other nouns: strength, feel, name, look, control, appearance, number, effect, time, information, items, names, powers, weapons, abilities.

Both words in one sentence

  • Ominous Latin Chanting Supplementary materials usually give the translations of these incantations, and they actually manage to retain some ominousness even in English/Japanese.
  • However, those that have recovered from a KO retain injuries that give penalties to the character's stats until they're treated.
  • Video Game / Sniper Elite V2 Hits on enemy weapons give off a ping, send sparks flying, and stagger the enemy but they retain their weapon.
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