Glad and Reluctant


Glad adjective - Having a desire or inclination (as for a specified course of action).
Usage example: I am glad to do the work if it will help the cause

Reluctant is an antonym for glad.

Nearby Words: gladness, gladly, gladsome, Glady


Reluctant adjective - Slow to begin or proceed with a course of action because of doubts or uncertainty.
Usage example: I'm reluctant to let you borrow my vintage CDs since you never give back anything I lend you

Glad is an antonym for reluctant.

Nearby Words: reluctance, reluctantly

Both words in one sentence

  • However, he then performs a Heroic Sacrifice within the following day and passes the job to Hurley, who is extremely reluctant to take it from him and even went as far as saying "Just glad it's not me" when Jack himself volunteered for the job.
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